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What is Moto Tattoo?

SHHHHH..... It's a Patent Pending Process

What is Moto Tattoo? First let me tell you what it's not.

• It's not Vinyl

• It's not temporary

• Won't peel, scratch or fade

• It's not paint, it's not ink, it's a hybrid solution

• We do not change the base colour of the helmet.

• We don't do race graphics or all over paint. 

What We DO....

Moto Tattoo is a Patent Pending Process so we can't tell you exactly how it's done but you will be amazed at the finished product. The design is embedded into the top layer of the helmets clear coat. It's both permanent and SAFE, just like a body tattoo, in fact just about anything you can tattoo on your body we can tattoo on your helmet but with far more detail.

• When thinking of a design think traditional body tattoos.

Designs can be:

• Gloss on Matte, Matte on Gloss

• Metalic, Flake, Virtually ANY Colour even Fluo Colours

• Highly Detailed

• Even some B/W photographs can be achieved - just ask.

Force Helmets and the design process, Moto Tattoo are UK companies. All tattoos are created and applied here in the UK.

Support British Innovation & Design


Can I change the colour of my helmet?

That's one of the few things we can't do.

If your helmet is black the background of your tattooed helmet will remain black.


Can I have an all over race graphic or a race replica?

...and that's the second thing we don't do. We don't do race helmets or truly all over graphics. Take a look at the graphics page or our instagram feed on the first page or check us out on instagram, to get a feel for the style graphics we offer